New Page Added About Kayaking !

  With 71 % of the earth covered in water, there is a lot we are missing when traveling!  Why not rent a kayak and see the land from out on the water?… Continue reading


The Grand Canyon is unlike anything else you can see in the world and it is in our backyard !  The mighty Colorado River has been carving this 277 mile path for over 17 million years. … Continue reading

My Upgrade to Glamping – The Sibley 300 Deluxe

For the past few years I have been wanting to upgrade to the ultimate symbol of Glamping – the canvas tent!  I love the way they look; tan like the sand, old-timey, generous… Continue reading

My Upgrade to Glamping – A Camp Kitchen !

Here is the dream – I have a couple of free days, the air is warm, the sky clear and the open road calls to me.  What if I could grab a couple… Continue reading

New Page Added, The Rockies of Colorado

I have to admit it – I love mountains, history and more specifically mining history.  In the United States, Colorado is the epicenter of all three.  The Gold Rush may have started in… Continue reading

My Upgrade to Glamping – The Aerobed and Portable Wooden Picnic Table

This new year I have decided to start upgrading my car camping gear to a finer level, to that of Glamping.  As you probably know, Glamping is short for Glamour Camping – the art… Continue reading

New Page Added, Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico !

  Conquistadors in present day America…..the thought of it still astounds me…. New Mexico, the name conjure up so many things;  Native Americans, Mexicans, the Spanish, mysticism and chili peppers….It truly is a… Continue reading

New Page Added About Hiking !

How do you get to know the nature of the land, to feel the pine scent laden breeze on your face, to walk the contours of the hills?  By Hiking !  Once you get… Continue reading

New Page Added about Fishing !

One of the most fun and challenging activities to do on the road is Fishing.  Part art and part science, it can be a wonderful destination or a side journey while on a… Continue reading